Lukas Esser

Danziger Stra├če 47
20099 Hamburg

Dear Friend,

It’s been a long time, so in case you don’t know me anymore: I’m Lukas Esser, a graphic designer based in Hamburg working in the fields of printed and digital matter.

I have been pretty busy lately working on some interesting projects like the website for a pop-up library at MAK Vienna or the program for Museum Kurhaus Kleve. That’s why I didn’t find time to get back to you earlier.

For the next three months I’m in Shanghai to work on an exhibition project, so a proper website might have to wait until I’m back. But, in order to keep you busy in the meantime, I’ve attached a portfolio containing some projects I’ve been working on since we last met.

Oh, and my address has changed. From now on, you can either contact me via or call me (+49 178 6892 69 92) at an appropiate time. The last option will be difficult for the next few months though. Hope to hear from you soon!

All the best,

P.S.: People keep telling me that social media is the new way to stay in touch and apparently nobody writes letters anymore. I am not quite sure about that, but if you want me to keep you updated via Instagram you can follow me on there as well.